Vulture Mk III

After long wait, the time has come to update our models. Richer in detail, and up to date with visual approach. Please welcome new heavy support, double-seater stratoyager, STF-HF12 Vulture Mk III! Design is similar to the older brother, but wings geometry is far more aggressive and the turret is now more compact, equipped with short, double-barrel cannon. The whole hull now has better proportions and looks heavier, as the Vulture should look like. Model is going to consist of two pieces (one for the body and second one for ventral turret) and will require assembly.

When the STF-100 Sentinel reingned in the space, and when its successor, the Guardian, was still on holo drawing boards, colonial troopers were sheltered by broad wings of a STF-HF10 Vulture, first in line of heavy support ‘yagers. Latest version of it, Vulture MK III or STF-HF12 is still in active service of System Federation Forces.

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