STF-100D Sentinel

Recently, it is quite busy with new stratoyager concepts. This will allow us to have a large base for the next batch of models to print. This time a piece of the history of the Federation Fleet, or a meritorious machine for mankind, which was always where the man put his first steps into the new unknown. The Nova STF-100D Sentinel from the point of view of 2230 was neither extremely nimble nor overarmed, but was reliable. Before the technologically advanced Guardian took his place, the Sentilnel was guarding convoys, orbiting stations and planetary corporate installations. To this day, it can still be used in many private fleets.


Although it is a stratoyager visually larger than the Guardian, it is important to keep in mind the technological advances of power units and skeletal structure. It all makes the Sentilnel a good machine, but it’s old.