Stand prototypes for stratoyagers

Today a small entry on the R&D of our research team.

On Monday we got to the first prototype base for stratoyagers that will be used in the game. You can read them below.


What you see mounted on the stand is a Vulture Mk II cardboard mockup, because we still waitnig for three-dimensional models. For now we use these mock-ups (we are really sad that we do not have real ‘yager figurines yet) to fine-tune the details of the mechanics and calibrate the capabilities of the machines.

For mechanical reasons, we struggled with several different concept shapes of the stand. There were oval, circular, square, eight- and twelve-walled cones, and some others, quite bizarre in shape. Ultimately, however, the hexagonal stand won. It is best to go with the mechanics that we want to capture in the game.

We have designed three stands of different height to make the fighters look more picturesque on the table. The stands will be redesigned to better reflect the dynamism of the machines on the fly. The bases are designed in the way that they do not require gluing, so they can be spread and transported to the battlefield without pulling the suitcases with a sponge.

It is also supposed to have engraving with angles of firing and a clock face, but for now we have ordered a trial strip without these markings. Almost free, because we also got one fully finished, which you can see here.


Ostateczna wersja najprawdopodobniej nie będzie wypełniana farbą w grawerunku, dla lepszej czytelności tego, co będzie pod spodem. A co będzie pod spodem? To już niespodzianka, którą pokażemy gdy gra będzie gotowa.

Podstawki są produkowane w Polsce, więc nie musimy się martwic cłami, sprowadzaniem ich zza oceanów, a do tego możemy ich mieć każdą ilość w góra kilka dni. Do tego wyglądają ślicznie i doskonale się sprawdziły we wczorajszej bitwie z Ciepłym. Szkoda tylko, że przegrałem. 🙂