Phoenix 502

When in the year 2224 the Foulers again became a threat, the Star Fleet Command decided to introduce a new fighter to the field. This time it was supposed to be a universal unit, but mainly focused on fighting in space, and the ability to fight in the atmosphere was to be secondary, albeit important. So in 2227 Phoenix was created.

The designers were supposed to create a unit with similar performance to Goldwing, but with much stronger armament and increased maneuverability. The design of the cockpit, the sensor sockets and the STF-300 power reactor were used, but the similarities ended. Phoenix’s design is distinctive and consists of a centrally located cockpit cockpit, next to which are semicircular “wings” and engines. The decision to resign from the supporting function of the panels was dictated by the necessity of accommodating fuel tanks in them, increasing the overall carrying capacity of the fighter and the arrangement of the maneuvering gravity coils. The wide spacing of the engines resulted in increased maneuverability of the Phoenix during orbital battles and compensated for the imperfections of airplanes. In addition, the installed Nova Aero SV-300e engines, modified by Boston Builders engineers, including fan motors, have been equipped with an overload system for additional power.

The Phoenix is ​​equipped with the most powerful guns ever installed on a ‘yager. Two multicoil cannons and the amount of additional armament the STF-500 can handle is impressive and puts it close to heavy support fighters, though the total number of locks is no greater than in Goldwing.

The STF-500’s construction and design make it a much more expensive fighter than its predecessor, Goldwing. However, the Phoenix performance compensates for this investment, and by the year 2230 approximately 2000 units were produced, which are dedicated to elite squadrons.