Basic Rules

Finally, Basic Rules for Stratoyager are out!

Stratoyager is inspired by many SF universes, but if we were to point out the most important ones, those would be Wing Commander, Star Lancer, Battlestar Galactica, Space Above and Beyond, Babylon 5, Starship Troopers and, last but not least, Aliens.

We tried to recreate space flight „physics” known from Wing Commander game and Battlestar Galactica TV show, where fighters in space don’t act as WWII planes over Pacific, but can actually perform maneuvers available in space, like moving sideways, spinning, or fly on reverse thrust.

Movement is based on vector principle, and we tried our best to make it as easy to grasp as possible, to deliver maximum fun with minimum bookkeeping. We are fully aware that those rules are anywhere near actual physics, but we think it is the best compromise between gaming experience and feel of in-universe reality. You will judge it on your own.

Download Basic Stratoyager Rules (StratoyagerManual.pdf)
Download Cut-Out Game Elements (StratoyagerCutOuts.pdf)