Every larger star ship, which is not itself able to enter the atmosphere of the planet, is equipped with shuttle. Called by Starfleet pilots ‘taxis,’ they are irreplaceable as crew and supply transporters and as lifeboats.



APTU FSCS 4 is a lightweight multi-role transporter that complements most of the heavy Starfleet Fleet units. Produced by the Nova corporation, as one of the few small-sized vessels, the FSCS 4 is equipped with two Nova imPulse pulse motors and a powerful ionic drive enough to smoothly maneuver around large units to which they dock. The complete size of the Nova ST210e antigravity engine, which is supported by relatively small fan motors, is mainly used to stabilize the atmospheric flight.

The FSCS cargo space is tailored to a wide range of equipment and its modular design allows for virtually instant replacement of its components. This makes the FSCS suitable for transporting people, equipment, or changing into a space ambulance or gunboat platform a few minutes after docking.

In addition to Fleet Service, APTU FSCS 4 can be found practically anywhere, where reliability, modularity and ease of handling are important. It can be estimated that the amount of FCSC 4 in use reaches more than 50,000 units, which are provided by the army and private entrepreneurs.