The Game


Stratoyager is a common name for fighters that operate both in space and in the atmosphere of planets. Strato fighters are used for fights in the void of space, rings of gas giants or on asteroids’ orbits. They traverse on the edge of cold emptiness and inexorable gravity.

Now you can plot the course between life and death, and lead your wing of fighters to victory. Command the Federation Fleet fighters against very advanced aliens, the Fowlers. Become a pirate and engage System Police vessels in your trusty speedship. Find your way to victory through endless manuvers possibilities!

Simple basic rules

Rules are made to be easy to learn and understand. We also want you to experience all the possibilites of comanding space fighters in an engaging combat simulation, but with arcady approach making it memorable experience.

Engaging commanding system

Very important part of the game are Order Dials, three for each side, used to predetermine movement of fighters. Players use them to prepare every maneuver they want. The only limits are vessel engine power and the thin edge of critical structure stress. Whether you cross it depends only on you, Commander!

Every maneuver that you can imagine

You will have endless posibilities of maneouvers with Order Dials and special, 2″ in diameter, 12 sided base, that indicates current vector of movement and helps to navigate. It really depends what and when your vessel does. It matter what speed it’s moving and how fast it will react. All is up to you, Commander!